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Top 10 Family Channels on YouTube

Most families across the globe are currently sheltering-in-place, which has contributed to YouTube’s rise in popularity, realizing a 44% increase in content viewership traffic.

YouTube is the place to find family-friendly entertainment! Below is a list of the Top 10 channels you and your family can watch!

  1. Family Fun Pack: Family Fun Pack has been on YouTube since 2011. This family of 6 from Beverly Hills California focuses on family fun, with challenges, unboxing, toys, games, food, parks and many more adventures, this family definitely lives up to their name.

YouTube Subscribers: 9.2M

2. Bratayley: The Bratayleys got their start on YouTube in 2010. Their family has spun their popularity into other channels featuring their wildly popular children Annie LeBlanc and Hailey LeBlanc. The Bratayley’s focus on family fun and adventures together. With their main channel signing off for good in December of 2019, there are still many more opportunities to watch this family have fun with Annie and Hailey’s channels.

YouTube Subscribers: 7.3M

3. Daily Bumps: The Lanning Family is a family like no other, a little messy, a little crazy, and a lot of love. This family vlog that started in 2011 shares the Lanning family with the world. Goats, chickens, lizards, dogs, cats and 2 wild human boys. This family has a love for each other and a love for music!

YouTube Subscribers: 5.1M

4. Sam and Nia: This Christian family from Texas started sharing their lives on YouTube in 2007.This family of five likes to share their everyday lives through singing, adventures and plenty of fun.

YouTube Subscribers: 2.6M

5. SacconeJolys: This Irish family living in London is a little quirky. When Jonathan Joly married Anna Saccone, they both decided to combine their family names, enter SacconeJoly’s. Together with their 4 children, the SacconeJoly’s film their lives practically everyday. Getting their start on YouTube in 2011, visitors can share in their everyday pains and joys as a family.

YouTube Followers: 1.9M

6. ItsJudysLife: These vloggers from Seattle, Washington, have been blogging everyday since their channel's inception in 2010. Documenting their lives as parents to 3 beautiful daughters, ItsJudysLife has plenty of fun, adventure and parenting tips.

YouTube Subscribers: 1.7M

7. J House Vlogs: Labeling themselves an “imperfect family” working together towards a happy home, these parents of 5 small children can have a hectic life! Their focus is learning, serving and playing together. Getting their start on YouTube in 2014, this family has managed to secure over 2 billion views, sharing their daily lives.

YouTube Subscribers: 2.1M

8. Eh Bee Family: The Eh Bee Family creates mixed content for parents and children. Their goal is to inspire people and focus on their family by having fun together. The Eh Bee Family got their start on YouTube in 2013. Since then they have inspired millions of families and gained new followers to their off-shoot accounts featuring their Children Mr. Bee and Miss Bee.

YouTube Subscribers: 8.9M

9. Smelly Belly TV: The Smelly Belly family started documenting their lives on YouTube in 2015. This family from Florida documents their daily lives with their 3 kids, 3 dogs and many, many chickens. They love sharing their lives with people and demonstrating their positivity!

YouTube Subscribers: 3.1M

10. Shot of the Yeagers: This family of 8 from New York says that fun is the most important thing in their lives. Starting on YouTube in 2015, The Yeagers have shared their ups and downs with the world, and love focusing on the good in life.

YouTube Subscribers: 4.6M

Spending time with the family is an important part of life. Spending time with these YouTube families can serve as a fun way to bring you and your family closer together.




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