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Super Fun Kids Press Release:

Working towards the development of a variety of Super Fun Kids toys and merchandise to stock shelves in the near future.

ToyBox Management, the management division of kid influencer marketing agency ToyBox Marketing and Management, has assumed a hyper-focused management role in the effort to expand the brand of the highly popular YouTube sensations, Super Fun Kids. The intent of the management role is to develop consumer products, inspired by the popular YouTube family of crime-fighting brothers.

The family is working with ToyBox Management to expand their existing brand into a 350-lifestyle franchised brand. This expansion is projected to include both toy line and consumer product development.

Super Fun Kids is all about family fun! On their channel you will find their signature Cop Kids Patrol series, along with superhero skits.  The channel’s content creators consist of 3 brothers: Jake, Ryan and Josh who loved watching kids YouTube videos so much that they wanted to have a channel of their own! 

This family-friendly channel loves all things cop related! The boys of Super Fun Kids have a captivated audience, who share their love for fighting bad guys and playing superheroes.  

Super Fun Kids have published an extensive amount of kid cop related videos which have accumulated over 2.6 billion views.

There is a market demand for the brother’s style of hero-inspired content and emphasis on portraying the good guys.

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