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Kid Influencer Marketing Proving Successful for Brands Focusing on Elusive Millennial Demographic

Influencer marketing is all about promoting your brand by getting an influential person with a successful YouTube, Instagram and/or Twitter channel to share it with their followers and provide reviews about it. Many different brands are generating positive outcomes with influencer marketing. According to a poll by SmartInsights.com, 80% of marketers find influencer marketing very effective. Influencer marketing is mostly effective in creating brand awareness and achieving direct response from consumers.

Pew Research has found that millennial mothers make up 20% of the moms in the US and 80% of them are new mothers. With the expansion of online marketing, 87% of these mothers’ shop online to buy products for their kids and babies. These products range from toys, clothes and diapers. Kid influencer marketing plays a huge role in targeting this chunk of consumers. These moms use the reviews and advice of these influencers to make purchasing decisions. What is better than a kid influencer providing these moms with a more accurate experience review?

An example of Influencer marketing being used in a clever way is Boody Baby, an eco-friendly baby clothing brand. Their kid influencer marketing strategy involves their mothers and families to add more hype and information regarding a product. Instead of simply asking for reviews by just the influencers, the brand asked the parents to join a hashtag based community to share small everyday accounts and stories that relate to real life experiences of parents in different places.

So why should you consider using a kid influencer marketing agency to find the right Kid Influencer for your business?

Finding an Influencer can take up a considerable amount of time. Businesses must work to impress the influencer before they will sign on as a partner. It also takes a considerable amount of effort to create attractive content. It is always better to hire a kid influencer marketing agency to reduce the workload and resources and to also save your in-house marketing teams time.

Kid influencer agencies are specialists on how to build and operate relationships with influencer They understand how influencer marketing works and understand how to make influencer marketing a success. They can also help you steer clear of fraud.

Sticking with a single influencer marketing agency leads to a more consistent consumer experience. They usually have a sound repertoire with selected influencers and know exactly who is needed for your brand to expand and grow. Using a specialist influencer agency helps you avoid any unnecessary duplication and repetition of content.

Good kid influencer agencies have a hands on approach with strong personal relationships with everyone involved. They can create content, create relationships with the right influencer, and help create a smooth transaction.

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