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How to Successfully use Social Media Platforms

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There are many social platforms available during these times. Each platform has something unique to offer, but what matters the most is the amount of time spent by children on a particular social media platform and the most effective way to capture their attention.

YouTube – The Alpha Generation (children born between 2010-2025) spend most of their time on YouTube. With a variety of categories like cartoons, nursery rhymes, music videos and web series; alpha kids prefer to watch these videos on YouTube. According to Statista.com, over 300 hundred hours of video is uploaded on YouTube per minute and five billion videos are watched on it every day. YouTube has also introduced a separate channel for kids that doesn’t require them to sign in. The app makes it extremely safe and easy for kids to browse through what they like, YouTube uses this data to provide a more personalized experience to children in relation to what they usually like to watch.

Instagram – In less than ten years, Instagram has conquered over 1 billion global users, out of which 68 percent interact with social influencers using the app. Efforts are being made to make the platform more transparent in terms of accountability and authenticity. Millenials and Generation Z make up the largest demographic of Instagram users.

Facebook – In the past three years, a major shift has been noticed among the young generation and their switch from FaceBook to YouTube and Instagram. For marketers targeting millennials, FaceBook doesn’t really remain the focus anymore; however, it is a great platform to reach Baby Boomers as well as Generation X.

Snap Chat –28% of Americans under 18 use SnapChat regularly. However there still remains a lack of substantial results being generated from kid influencer marketing on this platform. After SnapChat made a major change to their stories, many millienials left the platform, in favor of Instagram.

Twitter - Twitter is best served for information sharing and traditional influencer marketing, not for kids. Many political figures and celebrities use it to share views and opinions.

Tik TokTikTok may be an emerging platform if additional work is done to make it a little more interactive. There are some successful examples of influencer marketing being conducted through the platform. However, there isn’t sufficient evidence that the inappropriate content filters are working well enough that it would protect kids from seeing content they shouldn’t. As a result, ToyBox Marketing and Management won’t use this platform until we can see noticeable changes.

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