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Generation Alpha; Instant Access to them can mean Instant Success for you

Generation Alpha as introduced by Mark McCrindle – a futurist, a demographer and a TEDx speaker, describes them as anyone who was or will be born between 2010 and 2025. It is estimated that around two billion people will be a part of this generation.

Alpha kids are expected to grow up with instant access to technology, entertainment and resources. They will have a screen in their hands by the time they are toddles. Smart phones, gadgets and technology will be a part of their lives from day one. According to a study conducted by IEEE, this generation will be the most transformative in terms of buying power, purchasing decisions and technological modifications. Alpha kids will have a longer life expectancy and attention span than their millenial parents. Generation Alph stands to be a game changer for the marketing world.

Major brands are recognizing Generation Alpha as an important target market and are already working towards making changes in their campaigns to capture their attention. For example, Facebook introduced a new Facebook messenger just for kids, targeting this young generation. Google believes Generation Alpha exhibits similar behaviors and beliefs to their millennial parents; therefore, it is essential to target Generation Alpha in order to attract a significant chunk of millennial consumers.

With the introduction of massive technological changes since the early 2000s, Generation Alpha has had instant access to technology since birth. It has influenced not just the daily lives of these children but also the educational system. Generation Alpha is surrounded by information and technology. This new wave of instant access has created an opportunity for marketers. Having the ability to reach Generation Alpha instantly gives retail brands a leg up on targeting this demographic. With the help of Kid Influencer Agencies, brands are able to reach this generation all day, every day.

Special characteristics of these kids include longer attention spans and diverse thought processes. Armed with this knowledge, brands are finding a way to gain their trust and connect on a more personal level. Longer attention span; however, mean that brands have more time to get their information out to this generation. Generation Alpha are creative, savvy and open-minded. Gaining their trust by being a company with those same core values is a great way to reach this demographic. Using short videos and kid influencers on YouTube, Instagram and other social sites to deliver their message has proven to be a very effective way to reach Generation Alpha.

Photo by Diego Passadori on Unsplash

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