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Becoming YouTube Stars: Kid's Emerging Aspiration

Updated: May 28, 2019

Pilots: No. Doctors: Maybe. YouTuber: Yes!

The power of kid influencer marketing is on the rise.

So why is it that when kids grow up they want to become a YouTuber?

YouTube has generated a commanding viewership around the globe, forecasted to reach 1.86 billion online platform viewers by 2021. On average, kids are spending an hour a day on YouTube and this number is expected to rise as more people are shifting towards online video content rather than subscribing to paid TV service.

Why are kids motivated to become YouTube Stars?

A survey has highlighted the growing trend in kids to desire being “YouTubers” as their career ambition. This ambition is more sensible to the adults seeing that it is quite a viable business opportunity. However, for kids, money is not the prime motivation for being a YouTube kid influencer. The major motivator they have is, well, their age! Kids are born creative, that’s what fuels their young pursuits. They are filled with curiosity and are much eager to do things, learn things and create something wonderful out of their experiences.

Take the example of the YouTube’s highest paid kid influencer, Ryan ToysReview. He is a 7 year old kid, who is known for unboxing and reviewing toys in his videos. With his exceptional toy reviewing videos, he has been able to garner over 18 million subscribers on YouTube. He loves playing with cars, Legos, trains and Disney toys and so started generated video content that matched his interests. His parents then donate most of those toys when they have filmed Ryan’s review of them. As substantiated by research, kids are highly influenced at this age, which is also another reason that most kids want to become the YouTube stars that they watch on their screens!

Should they be turning towards YouTube with career focus?

Now let’s dissect whether it is a good thing for kids to aspire for a career in the social media world. Social media presence can prove out to be a lot lucrative when your gig takes flight. However, it is much like any other career. It requires an innovative idea, meticulous implementation and hard work.

Implications for brands

Now that we’ve established the sensibility of the kids’ ambition to be YouTubers, let’s turn to how brands can leverage kid influencer’s audience/reach as their business opportunity. It’s becoming hard for brands to engage the attention of the viewers through TV advertisement, because more and more people are considering the ads between their shows to be somewhat of a background noise. They either hop on to another channel or engage themselves in some other activity.

When it comes to online marketing, COPPA/GDPR regulations prevent the purposeful targeting of kids under the age of 13, thereby increasing the need to leverage kid influencer marketing in order to showcase your brand. It is surveyed that 72% of young viewers have dubbed YouTube to be the most influential platform. Therefore, with kid influencer marketing, you are able to reach an extensive audience which you wouldn’t be able to engage otherwise.

YouTube has rendered itself to be the platform that lets children be creative and expressive. And it does not require a whole set of prerequisites to start uploading your video content for the world to access.

We, at ToyBox Marketing and Management, provide marketing assistance for both established and budding kidfluencers. We monitor the authenticity of published video content, ensuring that it is both a positive experience for our kid influencers and brand partners alike.

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