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3 Important Rules to Follow When Using a Kid Influencer Marketing Campaign


The world of marketing can be a volatile one in terms of meeting legal requirements. While incredibly effectively in terms of promoting a product or brand, kid influencer marketing especially, adds a whole other level of precariousness to the mix. Meeting the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) while also ensuring you stay within the guidelines outlined in the Children’s Advertising Review Unit can quickly and easily become an overwhelming task.

Here are 3 important rules to follow to ensure your kid influencer campaign is legal and successful.

1. Know Your Rights

Without understanding the legalities surrounding kid influencer marketing, you immediately place yourself in a position of vulnerability as you become far more likely to, without realizing it, act outside of the law.

By investing time and effort researching the legal requirements when working with kid influencers, you are far less likely to experience non-compliance with bodies such as COPPA and CARU. Working with a kid influencer marketing agency who understands these laws makes your job even easier. An informed agency will know and understand these laws and guidelines and will ensure your campaign is above board. An important distinction to remember is that COPPA outlines rules that MUST be abided by law however; CARU, outlines guidelines that are not legally binding, but should be taken into consideration.

2. Work With Experts

Ensuring your campaign is following the laws can be an overwhelming one to handle entirely on your own. Using a kid influencer marketing agency who understands these guidelines can guarantee they will be followed, so you and your campaign are protected from legal action. Reaching out to experienced experts and an established agency alleviates the stress on you and your kid influencer/or brand, and places the responsibility on the agency. You should be able to feel confident you and your agency are complying with the law.

ToyBox Marketing and Management is an agency with extensive experience and a deep understanding of kid influencer marketing as well as the legalities surrounding this business. ToyBox Marketing and Management works with brands and kid influencers to help leverage the power of kid influencer marketing. In doing so ToyBox Marketing and Management helps brands reach their full potential, all while staying well within the legal requirements in the industry.

3. Never Underestimate the Importance of a Contract

The importance of a contract when working in the field of kid influencer marketing cannot be understated. Kid influencer marketing agencies use contracts to set expectations for all parties involved. This might include how many posts the brands expect the influencer to complete, how long those posts must be available, how many times the brand must be mentioned on the influencers feed, and how payments and budgets are set for each campaign. Without a contract in place, this can leave the influencer, the agent and the brand confused and upset, potentially making the campaign investment entirely ineffective.

Setting expectations with a contract allows all parties the confidence and clarity that the campaign will be successful for everyone. Using a marketing agency that specializes in kid influencer marketing, rather than attempting to negotiate the contract yourself, will ensure you get the most out of the collaboration.

There are a number of strategies you can implement and use to address those brand concerns associated with non-compliance of COPPA and neglecting those suggestions outlined by CARU. By remaining up-to-date with relevant legislation concerning kid influencer’s, you place yourself in a position of understanding so you are never caught off guard. By listening to, rather than dismissing, those guidelines outlined by CARU, you effectively ensure your brand is remaining compliant, fair and professional when working with kid influencer’s. Finally, and most importantly, it’s fundamental to create and sign a contract before you work with any influencer/or brand. The world of social media is still in its infancy and the legislation surrounding it is lagging. It's important to remember that by reaching out to an experienced marketing agency, the tips in this article become far more achievable rather than attempting to implement them on your own.

Kid Influencer marketing is proving to be a successful way of reaching many different demographics. Toybox Marketing and Management is positioned to help you attain your marketing goals while ensuring your campaign is legal and effective.

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